Installing Jet Magic with Afterburner In a Lanier Technologies F9F Panther

Jet Magic is a scale lighting system and an led afterburner. Since the installation of the scale lighting is described in another blog, this post will concentrate on the installation the afterburner.

What makes Lake Microsystems afterburner stand apart from the others is its ability to be fully responsive to the throttle giving the impression a jet engine is actually running. Our testing showed two things are critical to producing the illusion of a running jet engine. The tailpipe surface and the location of theĀ  LEDs in the tailpipe. We solved the tailpipe surface issue using aluminum duct sealing tape. The Lanier Technologies Panther has three foam pieces that make up the tailpipe. We covered the interior with aluminum tape then scratched lines in the tape and foam. Wrinkles in the tape that can occur during installation are also helpful causing the light to be reflected around in the tail pipe.

Jet Magic_001_01Jet Magic_001_04








A smooth surface is not really desirable. We found the way the light plays off the lines, scratches and wrinkles adds realism to the illusion.


Jet Magic_001_05









Once all the parts are covered with metalized tape, it is time for the placement of the LED strips. The technique you use will largely depend on the construction of your jet. We found placing the LED strips about four and a half inches up a two inch wide tail pipe gave the illusion we were looking for.









Insure you have plenty of wire on your LED strip to reach the position of the controller. Depending on your tailpipe diameter the LED strips may require two or three loops around the inside of the pipe. Press the adhesive firmly into the metal tape surface. You may also choose to add some spot glue to the led strips to be certain that they cannot be blown out the tailpipe.

Jet Magic_001_08 Jet Magic_001_09







After the LEDs are in place, the system is ready to test. Ensure there are no loose wires or edges of the LED strip that the EDF thrust can get under or cause to come loose. You are now ready to test.


Jet Magic_001_10

Jet Magic _001

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