New Products and Research





We are constantly developing new products that we think might interest the hobby world. Lately, we have been developing:


Merlin Magic is a a complete lighting and sound system for electric R/C planes. It projects awesomely authentic Merlin V12 sound with a 20W audio amp. With two 4W, 8 ohm speakers, it sounds like your standing next to a P51! The sound system is linked to your  throttle position, giving you a smooth range of engine sound, from start, to idle to full power. Merlin Magic supports lit V12 exhaust stubs that flash to simulate the Merlin V12 (or Allison) engine, in the firing order. It also powers a scale lighting system with navigation lights, flashing beacons and landing lights.

Merlin Magic is a single PCB measuring 4.75 inches x  2.4 inches (11.4cm x 6.1 cm). It accepts battery voltages from 12-24v.

Merlin Magic Sound and Lighting System

In the near future, we will add R2800 sound to the system such that the sound is user selectable. Simply reposition shorting blocks on the header (shown above on the left side) and switch between sounds. You can use the same system in multiple airplanes with different engines.

We have available 1/5th scale Merlin engine exhaust stubs that you can purchase drilled for superbright leds. Led kits are also available for you to assemble  lighted exhaust manifolds. Plug the manifolds into the PCB (white XH connectors on the bottom of the board) and your mainfolds fire in sequence with the rpm of the engine and the throttle setting.