Spectacular A26 Invader

Check out this spectacular A26 display model with wireless controls, sound and lighting systems by Lake Microsystems. The display model, owned by Peter Hambling, owner of the Seattle based “Sexy Sue,” a full scale A26, has a 130 inch wingspan. The model, an exact copy of Sexy Sue called “Little Sue”,  was built by Seattle based expert model builders, Ward Emigh, Rich Cook, Porter Craigin and Charles Clemens. Sue7Sue6

Merlin Magic_038

Rich Cook’s fabulously detailed R2800

A26 cockpit

The detail in Porter’s cockpit is fabulous

Little Sue is scale right to its bones. The flight deck is a photo real duplicate of the full scale airplane. Lighting, props, engines, landing gear and paint are beautifully crafted. Overall management of the project and the  exterior detail of the model and the paint system were the responsibility of Scale Master Arthur “Ward” Emigh. Charles Clemens did the intricate inner working of the landing gear. Porter Cragin did the flight deck, and Rich Cook did the engines, props and nacelles.

Merlin Magic_041

Porter Cragin’s cockpit is a photo duplicate of the original at 1/7 scale



The full scale Sexy Sue is based at the Renton airport in Renton, WA.


Lake Microsystems designed and built custom wireless controls for the engines, landing gear, lighting and sound system. Little Sue has Lake Microsystems’ Sound Magic sound systems for each engine. The model is controlled by a wireless remote control console designed to look like the controls of the airplane. Press the starter button on the control console and the engine will crank and start with that classic R2800 thunder.  Engine speed is controlled by the throttle position, just like the full scale version. Lighting includes retracting landing lights, wingtip nav lights, wingtip strobes, and upper and lower flashing beacons. The landing gear is electrically controlled pneumatic. The custom wireless control system is Bluetooth based.

The model will be displayed by owner Peter Hambling at the Kent, WA based Digital Control Inc. http://www.digital-control.com/en/customerservice/contactus/dcina.html

Questions about the model or its control system? Contact us at support@lakemicrosystems.com. We do custom electronics!



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3 Comments on "Spectacular A26 Invader"

  • Ward

    Fantastic work on documenting this effort.

  • Don Bunyard

    I know Chuck Clemans, one of the builders, and he is a fine modeler and a good friend. This is an amazing replica. It would be nice to see it up close, but I live down on the Oregon Coast. Good job, guys!

  • Dennis O'Neill

    This was much more than a, “job of work.” It is obviously a, “labor of love.” Whether of the A-26 or aircraft in general, results like these do not come out of a ‘have to’ environment. Absolutely beautiful.

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